Gary Howard Abrams, Esq.

Remarkable and accurate sculpture of Gary by Edith Lillian Abrams

Gary Abrams is a partner of Pendulum Legal and a specialist in the New York State Healthcare Fraud arena. Gary offers his extensive experience and expertise to multiple national automobile insurance carriers. His area of legal practice focuses on the defense of the automobile insurance carriers, at mandatory no-fault arbitration hearings, and first party lawsuits. He strove to properly influence the interpretation of the governing no-fault regulations by the judges and the permanent no-fault arbitrators. His services include lecturing and training of insurance company management, personnel, and attorneys, leading to the more regulatory compliant processing of such no-fault claims submitted. Great emphasis and energies are utilized on behalf of the automobile insurance companies in detecting and thwarting the institutionalized fraud perpetrated in the area of no-fault insurance.

Gary’s memorable Achievements, Honors, and Recognition:

Abrams, Cohen and Associates, New York, New York

The expansion of law offices for increased legal representation and defense of the nation’s leading automobile insurance companies, underwriting automobile policies in New York State against non-meritorious claims and fraud. Recognized as a leading legal defense firm in the Personal Injury Protection Platform.

Job Creator

Gary Abrams brings his entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen to his legal practice. He has employed dozens of lawyers, paralegal professionals, and support staff. Prior to his Bar admission he was in private industry and as a factory owner in Haiti, wherein, hundreds of people were employed. He dealt with foreign governmental regulations, international shipping, tariffs, as well as American business sales and promotions. Gary Abrams utilizes his legal and business expertise combined with exceptional managerial, relationship building, and interpersonal communications skills to empower his colleagues as well as staff to excel in their endeavors.

Creative Lawyering

In his prior professional capacity, as Attorney of Record, for a large automobile insurance company for First Party Claims, the Chief Executive Officer asked Gary Abrams to research, create, and ghost author a letter to the New York State Department of Insurance to obtain their permission to compel the claimants to appear and cooperate in the proper investigation of their submitted claims via the use of an Examination Under Oath (E.U.O.) platform. The utilization of this type of investigative platform was not previously authorized under the New York State No-Fault Regulations verification claims process.

In his ghost authorized letter, Gary Abrams put forth the rational basis for the use of E.U.O.’s, wherein, he included legal authority, arbitrator opinions, and he created the entire claims procedural format to be utilized in this proposed E.U.O. verification process. His creative use of legal arguments, facts, arbitrator opinions was successful, and permission was granted by the New York State Department of Insurance. He was authorized to proceed with the insurance company’s requesting E.U.O.’s under the structured claims processing protocols that he had enumerated.

The explosive, exponential utilization of E.U.O.’s since then has greatly benefited every no-fault automobile insurance company in their no-fault claims’ investigations and verifications process. The utilization of E.U.O.’s has subsequently been included and codified into the New York State No-Fault Regulations. Currently, all New York State automobile policies now require their insureds to cooperate and comply with E.U.O. requests in the verification of their submitted claims.

In addition, necessary subsequent changes to the governing New York State No-Fault Regulations Amendment were attributed to his specific input. His direct recommendations for certain clarifications to rectify and equalize certain ambiguous aspects that needed to remedy outdated regulations. His recommendations were adopted and included in subsequent amendments to the New York State No-Fault Regulations.

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