“Sarah is an intelligent, detail orientated, and driven attorney, who will have your best interests at heart. Her expertise is matched by her compassionate nature. Sarah has a track record of achievement, and despite having consulted on over 5,000 cases, I felt she treated my matter with enthusiasm and was personally committed to achieving the best outcome for me. Sarah’s advice at a critical juncture in my matter ultimately led to a positive outcome.”

Shannon Morrison in 2020

“Sarah provided me with excellent legal advice regarding a case against a former coworker. When I first contacted Sarah, she was very quick to respond. She communicated the legal issues I faced clearly and patiently, and she was extremely knowledgeable regarding this area of law. I was very impressed and grateful for Sarah’s advice and support and found her to be an exceptionally trustworthy and honest person. Sarah really demonstrated to me that she really cares about her clients and would go above and beyond to help her clients achieve the best possible outcome. I would highly recommend Sarah!!!”

Anonymous online review in 2020

“When I approached the Law offices of Sarah Haddad in relation to a matter, I was attending court with she was very quick to respond to my legal queries. In her consultation she outlined the matter very thoroughly, yet concise going through all the identifying factors step by step in a way I could understand and explaining all relevant legal terms very clearly. This not only put my mind at ease, but it made the process of going through this process so much less stressful. Sarah was very professional with her advice I really valued her honesty giving me advice from the worst scenario so I would be prepared for all outcomes… As well as efficient, professional she had a very caring and kind nature in liking over my case. I would highly recommend Sarah Haddad Law office to anyone looking for a trustworthy, reliable and professional Lawyer to defend or consult them for representation.”

Miss Jodelle Naidoo in 2020

“Sarah Haddad is phenomenal. She took the time to listen to my problem and gave me the best advice she could. Sarah is warm, she’s kind and she’s very professional. Sarah responds to emails quick and follows up with her clients. I wound definitely recommend Sarah and hire her again.”

Frank Diaz in 2022


During its founding, Pendulum Legal was featured in Member Moves and News in the Pandemic by the New York City Bar Association:

On August 1, 2022, Sarah T. Haddad, Esq. was appointed as a member of the Litigation Committee of the New York City Bar Association. ‘The Litigation Committee develops and presents continuing education programs and educational materials, and reports and comments on the effective and appropriate conduct of business in New York state and federal trial and appellate courts.’

More posts of our recent features, articles, testimonials, and activities are coming soon.