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Pendulum Legal was founded through long term collaboration, respect, and friendship between Gary Howard Abrams, Esq. and Sarah Haddad Esq. Gary and Sarah met while working in the insurance fraud industry, where Gary mentored Sarah extensively in relation to the no fault insurance fraud regulatory scheme in New York State.

The Law Practice was named Pendulum Legal from the inspiring positive attitude of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg evidenced throughout her work during her life. This outlook was that in circumstances that are excessive and cause unfairness (where the Pendulum swings too far in one direction) we will work to bring it back; and achieve a just outcome once again. It is this positive energy that we hope to continuously fuel into the Law Practice, achieving just results for our clients on a long term and regular basis. This positive energy is a strong attribute of the counsel of Gary Abrams.

Sarah Haddad brings years of experience in civil procedure through running trials in the court room in several areas of law to the Law Practice. The Law Practice has established clients in Property Management and ownership of large apartment buildings in Manhattan, Families, Television Stations, Financial Advisors, the Furniture Import/Export and Design Industry; as well as various other businesses in New York State where complex commercial disputes arise.

The Law Practice is special because our experience for over a decade as a trial attorney primarily in Commercial Litigation, involved running final hearings in complex cases on a daily basis, against highly experienced legal professionals. This has given us the ability to give our clients a lot of foresight from the very beginning of their case as to how it will proceed to trial or resolve early, as well as the trial or hearing process.

As the bulk of our experience has been in the court room in final hearings where we have had to think on our feet and analyze situations quickly in a practical context; we are able to give our clients accurate and specific advice in a short period of time, that is both efficient and cost effective.

We can confidently say that our art in examination and trial advocacy is one of the best in the country. We are unique because we apply these skills when they are needed the most, so that we endure the marathon of litigation in resolving complex disputes.


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